I help intuitive coaches and healers beat stress and overwhelm so that they can start listening to their inner voice and feel totally in flow with their business and personal lives. We explore all the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of your life and biz, so that you can step fully into your vision as a biz owner and live a joyous and balanced life.

-Silvina Duchini, Modern Breathworker & Life Coach

Don’t less stress rule your life!

I know, you’ve been told that something is wrong with you or that you are ‘broken’ and actually, you’ve started to believe it. Something is wrong with your brain, the chemicals are imbalanced and you will never be the same unless you take this little pill and go to your therapist regularly. If you don’t do these things you are doomed, so you better take that pill. How well has this been going for you? Have you been able to stay med free? Have you been working with your therapist for years, with little to no progress?

The fact is, that your situations, your past, have led things to be where they are today- you are a physical representation of your past. This is the real ‘root’ of the “problem”. It’s hard to integrate and make sense of all this shit alone- trust me I know, I have been there several times. This is exacerbated if you have a “treatment team” that supports meds and is not providing a safe space for you to unravel your complicated root- this is one of the main reasons I quit working the Mental Health field and became a life coach, I didn’t like it either!

Don’t get me wrong, psychotropic medications are sometimes necessary, so I’m not suggesting you quit taking them. They are, however, meant to be a cushion or booster and not meant to be taken long term unless you have something more pervasive and permanent.

But you my friend, you are so not broken. Let me say that again; you are so NOT broken, you are actually far away from that. You are perfectly wholesome and complete- you just haven’t realized this yet and that’s totally okay. It’s not easy to unravel and understand the ‘broken’ path.

That’s what I’m here for!

You are meant to be and feel totally complete and whole; to be free, in control of you life, your thoughts, yours dreams. You are meant to experience joy and actually freaking get what you’ve been wanting all along!

Come on in, and experience it for yourself.




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