About Me


My journey of self-discovery began after experiencing several life-long individual and family traumas that impacted my core and realizing that I hold the key to my own happiness. In 2008 I discovered the power of breathwork and passionately fell in love. I first discovered Yoga in 2004 but began practicing more seriously in 2008 along with meditation, Transformational Breathwork, and self-hypnosis all while attending Social Work school and working full-time. I began to realize that all the things I was looking for in others, were actually things I held inside of me, that were lost somewhere. This is where I began to learn that through the practice of daily Yoga, breathwork, meditation, and self-hypnosis I could solve my own riddles. I began to notice dramatic changes in how I felt about life, my outlook/ perspective, as well as small but sweet manifestations that would happen automatically without me having to try too hard to manifest them to life. This was by no means an easy process, and at times, it was painful but very healing to realize that I was the main barrier to all my goals. So far, I have been able to manifest every dream that I’ve put my energy towards. After learning about the power of breathwork I was eager to share my knowledge and gift with others. After years on this journey, I am passionately thrilled to share with you such a powerful tool that we all have, and help you manifest your desires and dreams.