About Me


I was born and raised in Mexico city by South American parents whose ancestors were from Europe. I moved to the US in my preteens- a very crucial and difficult time for anyone to experience a such a big culture shock. I have experienced very stressful and difficult times that come from living in a multi-cultural family and extensive family trauma; this has made me have enormous compassion and empathy for people and the lives they live. I have also experienced very joyous times, almost like I’m in a heavenly or fairytale kinda place.

I thank the breathwork for allowing me to experience this level of joy.

I have specialized training and experience working with trauma, drug/alcohol issues, family discord, stress, and anxiety. My background is in Clinical Social Work and I received a Master's in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania (yes, it’s an Ivy League School, big fucking deal- don’t worry I am not uppity about it in the least!).

My approach is unique as I am one of few coaches out there, to have training as a Licensed Clinical Social Work and Modern Breathwork. To read more about the unique and amazing breathwork technique click here.

I live a happy and balanced life with my husband and son, along with our two (wild, lettuce eating creatures?!) cats and our very energetic Catahoula Leopard dog (for all you Catahoula owners, you get my drift!).

Professional & Life experience


My journey of self-discovery began after experiencing several life-long individual and family traumas that impacted my core and realizing that I hold the key to my own happiness. It was during this time that I began questioning my intuition and empath experiences, which I the time had no idea I was an empath. In 2008 I discovered the power of breathwork and passionately fell in love. I first discovered Yoga in 2004 but began practicing more seriously in 2008 along with meditation, Transformational Breathwork, and self-hypnosis all while attending Social Work school and working full-time. Once I started working with others on their breath (very bodywork heavy) and doing my social work internships I began to notice my intuitive and empath gifts). I also began to realize that all the things I was looking for in others, were actually things I wanted for myself and held inside of me, lost somewhere. This is where I began to learn that through the practice of Yoga, breathwork, meditation, mindset, and self-hypnosis I could solve my own riddles. I began to notice dramatic changes in how I felt about life, my outlook/ perspective, as well as small but sweet manifestations that would happen automatically without me having to try too hard to manifest.

When 2014 came around, I had done some much introspective work and was really yearning for more in life, in essence I was ‘bored’. That year was the most impactful as I became both a wife and a mother. Becoming a mother was challenging on so many levels and I noticed myself mastering my ‘outer’ dreams of having a family while my inner work began to slowly fade from the demands of being a new mother and a wife. This compounded with a whole handful of parasite and bacterial infections I likely was holding since giving birth, made the first 3 years of building a family extremely overwhelming. During this time, I found myself needing the breathwork more than ever. During this time is when I really began to understand my empath side and how I was holding and giving so much of my energy away!

Life has by no means been an easy process, and at times it has been painful but very healing to realize that I am the barrier to all my goals. This is an on-going process and in some ways I am still trying to figure out who I am as a person, a wife, a mother, a coach, a healer. These days, I am striving for that inner knowledge that I had before forming a family, and I suspect this will be a life long balance for me.

I am so passionate about the power of breathwork that I realized it is part of my journey to share this gift with others. After years on this journey, I am so excited to share with you such a powerful tool that we all have, to help you access self-healing tools you already hold and will help you manifest your desires and dreams. So far, I have been able to manifest every big dream that I’ve put my energy towards; and I am energized for what the future has to offer.

Professional experience

Self-employed Life Coach 2017- present

Psychotherapist in Private Practice 2017- present

Outpatient Therapist at Ridgeview Psychiatric Hospital 2016-2017

Care Management at CBH 2014-2016

Outpatient Therapist/ Coordinator at Congreso de Latinos 2011-2014

Coordinator at ESCAPE Family Resource Center 2005-2010


Master of Social Work, Clinical concentration at University of Pennsylvania 2010-2011

BA in Social Work at Texas Southern University 2007-1010, graduated Honors 

training/ licensure/ certifications

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (TN) 2017- present

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (PA) 2014-2017

Licensed Social Worker (PA) 2011-2014

TF-CBT full training with Dr. Cohen 2012-2013

Transformational Breathwork Training with JD Thomas 2009-2010

Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at JennYoga Studios 2009-2010