Modern Breath Groups

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Group sessions

A powerfully invigorating 120 minute group session that uses the powerful dynamic of group-work to focus on tense areas as a means to let go of tension/ blockages/ barriers and manifest your goals through your own breath.


what to expect from Breath Groups

The breath group session is an amazing experience like no other! You will breathe together as a group. The first portion, we will discuss the breath technique and answer any questions the group may have. We will then discuss in smaller groups, what you would like to focus on or manifest and formulate a ‘landing’ statement. We will also discuss physical areas that are particularly tight/ painful, those to pay special attention to, and what positive affirmations you need. During the breathing part of the session, you can expect to be lying down with eyes preferably closed, breathing in a deep, rhythmic, connected but relaxed pattern for about 60 minutes while listening to energizing music. During this time I may ask you to make noise with your voice while making some vigorous movements to help release tension. I will also repeat some of your affirmations and use my own with your permission. The last 10-15 minutes of breathing are spent in a relaxing manner, equivalent to "savasana", the resting pose in Yoga. After you are done with the breathing portion you are encouraged to listen to yourself and what you need- you can remain in silence sitting,  or we can talk about your experience in the larger group discussion.