I created this breath-based practice for people like you that are seeking a deeper meaning from their life experiences. Simply put, I will coach you on how to live a more balanced life through the guidance of your breath. This is an eclectic process of supporting you in your path of letting go deeply rooted patterns and beliefs that no longer help or serve you, so that you are able to be more present in each life experience and live a fuller, happier, more fulfilled life.

What will you get from working with me?

  • I will listen and connect to your energy

  • We get clarity about the real, not the perceived, ‘root’ of your limiting beliefs

  • I am not the expert of you here, YOU are- we hone in on that and maximize it!

  • I help you understand how things that happened in your past have formed your present self so that through this you can feel whole again

  • I give you lots of simple self-healing tools that you can use as needed, with ease and grace

  • I will be fully present and hold a safe ‘space’ for you to be whatever you need right now, to bring in the energy that you so desire, so that you can mover forward with peace and joy

  • No ‘one size fits all’ package; we will tailor sessions depending on your needs- everyone is totally different and your needs may be totally different than someone else (I do require a 2 month minimum)

My Process

  • Strategy call: we spend some time talking about your current goals, the ‘why’ of said goals, and a bit of history to gain a better understanding of what is going on with you and how long we should approach working together. From here we will come up with a tentative timeline and time needed to reach these goals.

  • On-going Sessions: the first few sessions we will dive deeper into your ‘why’, any fears/ limiting beliefs behind it, and trace it all back to childhood or ‘root’ memories. I believe this is where people get the most clarity. Together, we will pinpoint any other limiting beliefs/ coping patterns that come up along the way and come up with a plan on how to re-write them. We will do this, until said goals are met.

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