Life Coaching



All sessions are 50 minutes long. The beginning part of the coaching relationship is to understand what you’d like support with and formulate goals from there. I always encourage looking at the whole picture of wellness- physical, emotional, spiritual. I am a firm believer that showing up with you and ‘holding space’ for you to unravel/ experience/ express whatever you need to, is the most important attribute of the coaching relationship. I am gentle. loving, direct, and sometimes even comical in my approach; we can laugh about life and still have fun in the healing process. I will always encourage you to honor yourself, use your body wisdom as a guide; this is where true healing begins for all sensitive souls! Each plan in hand tailored to the individual and will vary from person to person.

All sessions are held virtually through Zoom, or any other virtual method preferred if Zoom is not possible. A laptop or device with a camera, mic, and strong internet connection is required.