I am a trained, Licensed psychotherapist (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) and trauma-sensitive Coach and pull a lot of my training into the coaching experience. I have a very heavy background in different breathwork modalities and use my intuition constantly as a guide. I always encourage looking at the whole picture of wellness- physical, emotional, spiritual. I am a firm believer that showing up with you and ‘holding space’ for you to unravel/ experience/ express whatever you need to, is the most important attribute of the coaching relationship. I am gentle. loving, direct, and sometimes even comical in my approach; we can laugh about life and still have fun in the healing process. I will always encourage you to honor yourself, use your body wisdom as a guide; this is where true healing begins for all sensitive souls!

You are a unique, amazing individual, with gifts/ talents that you have yet to uncover. My goal is always to empower you to develop and listen to your intuition so that you can get on a road to healing, self discovery, and a more fulfilling, joyful life journey.



I am a holistic and intuitive Clinical Social Worker and breathwork practitioner. I have studied Social Work and Psychology theories, various breathing modalities, as well as studied Yoga since 2009. I received a Master's degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania in 2011 and have been a practicing psychotherapist since then to people ranging from 6 years old to old age in various  low-income, Community Based Mental Health settings in Tennessee and in Philadelphia, "The Badlands". I participated in certification training for Transformational Breathwork in 2010 through the Transformational Breath Foundation, Hatha/ Vinyasa Yoga Teacher training in 2010 through JennYoga/ BlueTree Yoga Studios, and have attended numerous day/ weekend workshops in Yoga and pranayama in different parts of the US and Canada as well as different psychotherapy workshops. I have adapted everything that I have learned over the years to my own eclectic practice as a more trauma-sensitive and person-centered Life Coach. I hold current Licensure in Tennessee to practice Clinical Social Work (LCSW #6549).