I am a trained, Licensed psychotherapist (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) and trauma-sensitive Coach with the belief that by focusing on your desires and your strengths, you can achieve anything that you focus on. Coaching is very different than Mental Health Counseling. The main focus of Mental Health counseling/ psychotherapy is on the person's diagnosis, also known as a Mental Disorder which is based on the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual). The DSM-5 is based on the medical model, which focuses predominantly on the problem and diagnoses it with a Mental Health Disorder. People that would qualify for a mental health disorder are usually having trouble functioning in their daily lives, and psychotherapy helps those folks to dive into more deeply rooted work about past grief, traumas and family dynamics, whereas Coaching focuses more on present goals and dreams. In this Practice, we will discuss what your current desires are to live a more fulfilling, balanced, and joyous life. Much of the work that I do as a Coach is through encouragement of certain breathing and thinking patterns. Techniques discussed are tailored to each person's individual needs and may vary.  The main point to always remember is that regardless of your struggles and desires, you are a unique, amazing individual, with talents that you have yet to uncover! Together we can help get you on a road to self discovery and a more fulfilling life journey.



I am a holistic and intuitive Clinical Social Worker and practitioner. I have studied Social Work and Psychology theories, various breathing modalities, as well as studied Yoga since 2009. I received a Master's degree in Clinical Social Work from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania in 2011 and have been a practicing psychotherapist since then to people ranging from 6 years old to old age in various  low-income, Community Based Mental Health settings in Tennessee and in Philadelphia, "The Badlands". I participated in certification training for Transformational Breathwork in 2010 through the Transformational Breath Foundation, Hatha/ Vinyasa Yoga training in 2010 through JennYoga/ BlueTree Yoga Studios, and have attended numerous day/ weekend workshops in Yoga and pranayama in different parts of the US and Canada. I have adapted everything that I have learned over the years to my own eclectic practice as a more trauma-sensitive and person-centered Life Coach. I hold current Licensure in Tennessee to practice Clinical Social Work (LCSW #6549).