The Power of Breath

Breath is a tool that everyone has and uses in order to live in their body. It is the one resource that we utilize the most and that we depend on. How deep you breathe is a good indicator of how much you are open to enjoy your life. There are many parallels between your breath and your life, and thus challenges or patterns that keep coming in the way of your goals, will also manifest in the way that you breathe. We are taught at a young age to pay attention to many external things in the world- our looks and things we own, but we are not taught to pay attention to what is going on inside of us; we are not taught to pay attention to our breath. Think about a time when you experienced an overabundance of joy, and opposite, when you experienced grief or sadness. What differences did you notice in your breathing patterns? My guess, would be that when you were sad, your breathing was more shallow and may have even felt painful, and when you felt joy it was a deeper full breath that almost left you tingly all over. This is a very basic example between a full and open breath versus a more shallow, disconnected, and restricted breath. People with a weekly breath practice have generally reported the following changes:

  • Increased capacity of taking breath into the lungs and body- more expansive and open breath

  • Release toxins from the body via the lungs and oxygen

  • Increased stamina, flexibility, and vitality

  • Decreased tension and pain in muscles

  • Improved digestion and quality of sleep

  • Increased insight and awareness about life situations

  • Increased clarity about life decisions

  • Being able to achieve a meditative state more easily

  • Increasing awareness of patterns and limiting beliefs

  • Decreased depression, stress, and anxiety

  • Overall balanced mood

  • More easily differentiate between thoughts and emotional reactions in the body

  • Increased understanding on how to respond to situations rather than react

  • Increased feeling of being grounded and also connected to a higher consciousness

  • Increased ability to develop and use inner gifts

  • Decrease limiting patterns, fears, and phobias and helps the person to step into their own personal power and take action

  • Appear lighter, with glowing and younger-looking skin

  • Increased feeling of wellbeing and joy

  • Increased amounts of DMT in the brain


the Modern Breathwork Technique

Modern Breathwork is a very powerful and unique technique that involves using deep, connected breaths while applying pressure (if done in person) to tense areas to manipulate your breathing patterns so that you are able to take in a fuller, deeper, more connected, and relaxed breath. The concept behind this breath technique is that by becoming more aware of your breath and changing your patterns, you are becoming more aware and changing patterns in your own life. This may sound a bit hokey, but it works very well. Having a regular Breathwork practice (facilitated by you or a coach) will also increase the amount of oxygen that your lungs can take in and that your muscles receive, which can take your physical/ athletic performance to the next level. This is a very powerful technique for those ready to take on and tackle their issues and delve deep into the realm of their inner selves!

All sessions are held virtually through Zoom, or any other virtual method preferred if Zoom is not possible. A laptop or device with a camera, mic, and strong internet connection is required.