I had a breath session with Silvina and she was able to uncover and clear the subconscious blocks I had in my primary relationship. I felt a tremendous relief on all levels of my being and am seeing the positive results in my life now. Silvina is patient, kind and very committed to her clients and I would highly recommend her to anyone.
— Jenni, March 2019

I had a very pleasant experience with Silvina during our breath work. It was a virtual session but yet powerful. I had some tension on my neck (which I hadn’t told her about), after the session my neck feels so good! We also released a lot of toxins from my body. I highly recommend Silvina! 💜
— Arundathi, March 2019

I had a session with Silvina today and it was fantastic!! I had a feeling something was off with my breath lately. During the processed she told me how I was breathing, what it may be connected to and how it was affecting me. She’s also quite intuitive!

I felt very comfortable in the session. She took time with things that came up for me physically. She helped me to relax my body and expand my breathing. I don’t think I’ve ever breathed so deeply! When I got up it was like I had new eyes. I felt so grounded and present in my body, which was exactly what I needed. 10/10 recommend!

Breathing seems like something we all know how to do well, but I think everyone should have a session. You may be surprised about what comes up, and how a few changes in breath can really shift things in a profound way.

Thank you so much!! ♥♥♥♥
— Malia, February 2019

I had a breathing session with Silvina and it was incredible. There was so much stress relief and lightness after that session. Highly recommended
— Yomna, January 2019

I can highly recommend Silvina. We had a chat about the pains I have been having in my stomach. We spoke on messenger and in no time at all she gave me some feedback that was spot on and EXACTLY what I needed to hear. We spoke about my breathing which gave her the valuable information she needed to be able to help me. After practising breathing the way she told me to I have felt so much better. It also helped me work on some limiting belief stuff AND I haven’t had a sore stomach since!!! Thank you Silvina, you rock lady xx
— Claire, November 2018

Silvina’s Breath classes helped me through one of the most significant transitions of my career.
Not only did I feel grounded, stable, and rejuvenated, but her calming approach brought a non-clinical feeling to what was a unique and life-changing experience.
Directly, Silvina brought my health and wellness to the next level.
I use her training and methodology regularly and meditate daily as a result. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to activate positive results.
— Candice, July 2018

I’ve known Silvina for about 8 years and have done extensive breathwork with her.  Her intuitive ability to work with people at a deep level makes her not only an amazing breathworker, but a life coach who takes a more rounded and holistic approach to everyday issues we face.  Being able to integrate our life experiences in a way that best serves us is what Silvina is all about.  Her method helps people to find their own light and to live life to its fullest capacity.
— Mary, July 2017

I have known Silvina for almost 10 years now. What I see in her that has never changed is her desire to find new ways to empower people to grow. She has a passion for life and love, and she has a unique ability to guide others with both compassion and strength. Likewise, she is very intuitive. She has a knack for connecting with her clients in a way that give a depth and efficiency to what she does. When I share or ask for support from Silvina, what I always feel is an immediate trust that I can just be me and we can move froward from that point together.
— Joe, July 2017

I met Silvina during our yoga teacher training in 2009. I was a self-employed Professional Psychotherapist and Life Coach when she was finishing up her Social Work degree, so we had a lot in common. I was diving deeper into my mind-body journey, learning about different non-clinical techniques to increase wellbeing and health. I was impressed with Silvina’s knowledge about Breathwork and her ability to share techniques with me that while out of my comfort zone—historically breathing techniques created tension and anxiety for me—were simple, deep, and clearing. She helped me do more than understand the impact of breath with my mind, she helped me feel the impact of breath work on my body and being. I am so glad Silvina is offering her services—so many people will benefit from her simple, kind, easy, deep clearing work paired with her clinical social work training and experience. A good fit for those new to ‘wellness’ and those who have ‘tried it all.’
— Nikki, June 2017