I believe that making the decision to work with a Therapist, Counselor, or Life Coach is very important. In your search to find a the right person for you, I believe it is key to consider if your values and views align with the philosophy of the Therapist, Counselor, or Coach.

Good fits for me are women with previous therapy experience that "didn't work", those that know what their part of the "problem" is rather than blaming everyone else, those wanting to delve deeper to better understand themselves and their life experiences, those wanting to "stop the cycle" and be a change agent for themselves, those with some level of insight, those that will take responsibility for themselves "own your stuff", and those that are curious about the power of their own breath. No previous breathwork experience is required!

If after reading over my philosophy and training you feel that we would be a good fit, I would be honored to work with you.